Who we are and what is our difference?

Prometech is a company based in Estonia. Our main team is people who constantly research, train and develop their work experience. We have a partnership with strong freelancers or contract workers that allows us to offer you the best experience in softwares. We add vitality to your projects with our own codes along with powerful and necessary plugins. We care for our customers. All we seek is your satisfaction with the service we provide. Regardless of the company, we are a technology company that will increase their competitive power, create added value, produce quality projects and solutions in the process of achieving the business goals of companies of all sizes. We aim to open representative offices in various countries and grow our goals.

Success occurs through small daily disciplines that are gained over time and provide returns beyond anything you can plan.


Frank Herbert

While reading the life stories of great people, I saw that they won their first victories against them, and all of them were self-discipline.


Sun Tzu

The best reward that life offers us is a chance to work in a job worth it.


Theodore Roosevelt

The strongest species survives, nor the most intelligent, but the most adaptable to survival.


Charles Darwin

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Work and Partnership Opportunities

You can check out our job and career opportunities in our software, design, sales, finance and many other departments. You can make your internship applications from this section. If you like working remotely, if you care about experience, if you are a disciplined and ethical person, you can add value to our company and yourself. We have a desire for remote work or project-based work. We will be happy to see you among us. When job postings are opened, our link and form will be active.

For company and project partnerships, you can contact by e-mail address. We can all win together.