Business Management System

Rein manages a project with more than one person, it is a tool that enables both tracking and communication with those people, and helps to manage and develop by following the work flows in businesses.

It is compatible with almost all companies, with multiple features and project development, project management, human resources, business management options. This product is flexible and customizable.

It will be with you soon with its economical monthly and annual price options.

Autonomous Production System

Okean is equipped with artificial intelligence and image processing technologies. The robot was designed in a structure that moves in industrial use by mounting on the wall for use at home.

The robot uses all of the drills, soldering machines, saws, adhesives, paints, etc. according to the product you want and makes your product ready.

The development phase of the product continues.

Game Visualizer

Increase the visual reality of the game with the library added to the game engine.  This system, powered by artificial intelligence, applies various changes to your models, lights, effects and coatings. It significantly reduces the size of your game. The player significantly increases the performance of his computer.

According to the player’s style of play, artificial intelligence determines the difficulty of the game and enables the player to enjoy more. It is a powerful library that is externally added to the game engine.

It is currently under development.

Online Customizable Platform

It is the perfect tool to do your special digital events. Unlike other video calling systems, our system has been designed for you to be in constant interaction with your users during your event. Your system allows all kinds of design support, it has been designed to give maximum possibilities for customization.