Being a Good Programmer

The software developer should constantly learn, strive to learn. Because there is no limit in the software industry. In fact, there is no information limit in all sectors under the name of technology. Software is a constantly evolving and invisible sector. Therefore, by knowing a programming language, “OK, I solved this job.” it is wrong. You can’t really know the language you think you know. Because, as we mentioned, software is a field without limits.

He must share what he has learned and transfer his knowledge to those behind him. Because it increases as you share information. Do not worry that my opponent will increase and will be left behind. Maybe there may be information that you will learn from the other person. This enables us to exchange information as a result of sharing and improve ourselves at the points we see missing. We should also know that; If you do not develop yourself in software and engineering, you can not advance in that sector in any way.

Get information from the people of the business, that is, communicate with software developers who are experts in their fields. Take advantage of their knowledge and experience. Learn well which roads you go through and grab something. Meet other people by joining groups such as informatics and technology in social media. Obviously be social. Because being selfish will put you back in this industry.

Recognize programming languages ​​and concentrate on which language you consider yourself sufficient. For example, you can apply in languages ​​such as C #, C ++, C, Java and participate in projects. You can create a website in web programming, and write games in Unity. Preference is very much just focus on whatever area you are interested in. Of course, you can also deal with many languages ​​at the same time, but concentrating on a programming language may be the best choice.

You should definitely have a project, if you are at a level that can say, “I really started to learn this now” in a language, you should definitely prove it with a project. Remember that the projects you will do when you are going to work will take you one step further.

Discipline and principle are also important, it is necessary to take their business seriously, not only in the field of software. If you constantly postpone a project you need to train, you cannot even succeed. For him, a good developer does his plan well, keeps work serious, and doesn’t allow unnecessary intimacy with others. He also carries this to his life.