What’s Prometech?

Prometech takes its name and power inspired by prometheus. It is a computer company that produces various projects and finds solutions all over the world. Our company deals with computer science instead of computer engineering. Our company conducts research for innovative solutions. Solutions are produced for the problems that occur in people around the world. We produce, support and contribute to innovative projects.


Your programs created with the right hardware and algorithms selected for your projects will increase your customers’ satisfaction. In addition, our company will ensure that your project is more efficient and more economical. We apply codes in accordance with data structure, solid principles and Software design patterns. We develop in accordance with ISO 9001 standards.


For your projects, the visuality of the design is very important. Quality products should have a little bit of artisticism. Your product needs to be functional as well as appealing to visual taste. Your users can use the product easily and in accordance with its purpose. We act according to the principles of material design for UI-UX.


With the secure codes and security systems created for your projects, your project will suffer to a minimum degree. The abuse rate in your project is minimized and data theft and code theft of your project are prevented. We develop in accordance with ISO 27001 standards.

How does the Prometech work?

Our company attaches importance to the quality of the project for the products. We like to work customer-oriented. Engineering discipline and art are everything for us. We don’t work result-oriented, we work solution-oriented. Some programming languages we use are shown below.


We do research for people’s needs and problems. We determine what the problems are. We stage the problems and investigate the solutions.

Planning and Analysis

Once we find the problems, we plan the solutions. We create project draft and task drafts. We analyze problems, solutions, risks, costs, your customers. We determine which of the solutions will be more suitable for you. We make and control the final plans on how to develop the product.


We start developing your projects and produce for you. Your project is kept under constant control during this process.


We review the availability, reliability and design of your project. We have your project tested in small and large groups. We do the analysis again after the tests.

Marketing and Evaluation

After the tests are successful, we help you with marketing and advertising. If you want, you can do it yourself. We will start researching for your project when there are any problems or when you want a new feature. In this way, we have evolved your project and your success rate increases.


Website Services

Prices starting from €99.99 per month (VAT included)

Server Hosting and other services other than domain name are included in this price.

Mobile Services

4499.99€ per month (VAT included)

It is the fee we will receive until the project is completed. Your subscription is automatically canceled after the project is completed. Only maintenance and server fees are required.

Social Media Services

Prices starting from €1299.99 per month (VAT included)

We prepare your content on instagram, facebook, youtube etc. and check everything including their efficiency.

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